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Translated Yu-Gi-Oh Doujinshi

About Fuck Yeah Yu-Gi-Oh Doujinshi

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be the original artist or original scanner of any of the doujinshi. Further more, if you like what you see, I highly suggest you find a way to buy a copy of the original book.


Who are you?

I’m Cait. I’ve been a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh for about 11 years now, and mostly just wrote fanfiction until now, so I’m quite excited to finally be doing something more helpful in the fandom.

What level is your Japanese at?

The translations should be fairly accurate. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese, and I have been studying it since 2002. I’ve also been living in Japan since August 2011.

Can I request translations?

Yes, absolutely. While I do translate because it’s fun, there would be no point if there was no one to translate for. Sometimes requests are closed (you can tell if they are because it says so on the ask button). 
If you want to request a translation, please read this page first. 

Why is there still random Japanese on some of the pages?

Those are the sound effects. I have enough time with wrangling the dialogue until it doesn’t sound stupid, so sound effects would be 10 times worse. If you’redesperate to know, here is a list of sound effects and their meanings.

I often (though not always) leave the author’s prescript and postscript untranslated as well. If it’s a particularly interesting note, I will translate it, but otherwise it feels like a waste of time.